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While juggling between work, boyfriend, colleagues, friends and family, do you often find it difficult to keep your house the way you wish it should be. Or you just keep moving homes, and every time an upholstery cleaning, is just too tiring for you. And may be every few days you think that soon you will clean that couch or sofa. But it’s just that, it does not happen!! Better hire us for all your upholstery cleaning in Melbourne.

Do you find any of these situations familiar? Then you have just hit the right cord. From now on, your life will be much easier and of course cleaner!! We are Fantastic Upholstery Cleaning from Melbourne who provide premium upholstery cleaning services in the town. Upholstery cleaning in Melbourne has seen a drastic shift in past few years and we take pride in saying that we are one of the most trusted and known upholstery cleaning service companies in Melbourne. Whether it be your house or office we cater to both locations. At times, with those cute furry friends or kids at home, the carpet or sofa might become a germ station. And sofa cleaning can be a nightmare. The prudent solutions is to hire services of an upholstery cleaner. We use the best raw materials and have years of experience handling difficult stains and delicate furniture. Few of our services are:

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Starting from dirty shoes, fur from pets, kids spilling food and much more is borne by that mattress and a thorough cleaning from time to time is so essential. With the help of our mattress steam cleaning Melbourne you can now infuse new life in the mattress. Our protective covering helps save your precious mattress from binding immediately with dust or dirt particles.

Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Couch steam cleaning Melbourne is one of our most sought out services by clients. We guarantee fresh leather smell and a relaxed evening after our couch cleaner leaves your place in Melbourne.

Steam Cleaning is the most recent and most effective way of cleaning. With the help of very little water and steam it breaks the soil bonds, this easily removing all the stains and dirt. Due to high temperature it kills almost all germs, leaving the surface sanitized. Steam cleaning in Melbourne is offered by few upholstery cleaning service companies only and we are the pioneers in it.

Upholstery steam cleaning Melbourne

We use bio friendly material to clean all your favorite furniture. The material does not affect the quality of your upholstery, thus keeping it safe and clean. With time and usage, the furniture picks up stains and smell. It needs regular cleaning to retain its lustre and increase life. We undertake all kinds of jobs on upholstery steam cleaning Melbourne.

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Sofa Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Do you have some stains on your favorite sofa or it is some odor that is bothering you. Just like your clothes your sofa and other tapestry requires cleaning and maintenance. This is necessary to save your investments in these fixtures. For all your sofa steam cleaning needs you can come to us. With the help of steam cleaning, the toughest of odor and stains go away without damaging the cloth. Also our cleaning products are environment friendly. All these come at super affordable rate, so you won’t regret hiring us.

Furniture Steam Cleaning

Our technicians know how valuable that vase on the corner or a painting on the wall could be. But even then you don’t want your pricy stuff to be eaten away by dust and bugs. We take extra care of all the furniture while cleaning. We will let you know the process before we start cleaning the furniture and answer any queries you might have later. You will see your furniture sparkling clean as if you have just bought it from the gallery. If you don’t believe us, then TRY US!! We ensure 100% satisfaction after your furniture steam cleaning in Melbourne.

Lounge Steam Cleaning

Lounge is the place where most near and dear friends of yours come and relax. You obviously wish for clean air to breathe and not some kind of awful smell and dust. And of course, not even in your dreams you wish to see some living green organism on your couch after somebody put their sticky tomato sauce on it. But even if that happens, freak not. We come to rescue you from the bad days of tiring cleaning. With our unique lounge steam cleaner and special chemical, we can just take off that stain in minutes, leaving it fresh and clean. So, just call us and we will do the lounge steam cleaning for you.

Leather Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Not sure how to clean your tan brown leather couch without leaving faded marks or destroying its natural texture. We know you just get few hours to spend for yourself and with family. Why waste it on your leather couch cleaning. You can relax as there will be no patches or foul smell left. Your same relaxing leather couch will be waiting for you to snuggle it again with a cup of coffee and book.

Car Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Cleanliness is needed not only at home or office, but even in the car. After any long trips or may be in few months car will have bits of food and dust everywhere inside. The fabrics inside the car absorb smell and stains. Cleaning your car can be a tough job. The best way is to hire an expert like us for car upholstery cleaning Melbourne. We clean all the darkest corners of the car along with car seat steam cleaning in Melbourne. Just before and after your long road trip or if it’s your wedding day nearby, book an appointment with us and feel the difference.

Fantastic Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is always a call or text away. You can even book online in less than 60 seconds. You can leave all your cleaning worries with us and enjoy your time with family, friends or just following your passion. All our services come at affordable rates and with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Apart from Melbourne, we also offer upholstery cleaning in Brisbane and upholstery cleaning at Sydney. If still unsure, read what our customers have to say about our upholstery cleaning Melbourne and give us one chance to make your life clean and fresh again!!

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